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you never miss chewing until it

apparently it's ok for dr. shelkun to stitch my cheek to my jaw.
my mouth hurts a hell of a lot and i'm just hoping that the stitches fall out soon. not like it matters cuz then i have to go get a root canal before i get off the antibiotics so they don't have to wick the tooth.
i got a blizzard last night and couldn't even eat it. i can't chew, and my stomach holds like a cup of food. ah i feel like a retard, i'd give anything to eat real food. i'm taking penicillin, vicodin, and molydexa-something for swelling which is gone. i work a 30 hours week this week which means...dun dun dun i have to reshedule my driving test! woohoo!
ahh and the best was last night when we tried hooking up the nintendo while joe and adam " put the bikes away " and i found pictures of matt and his girlfriends. niicee. i saw pictures of zakk in his year book though ;) with what looks like a clip-on tie. matt's mom got real drunk saturday night and told matt 10 millions times that i was smart or something.
crazy drunk christian lady.

[[10 Bands/Singers You've Seen Live ]]
1. Dropkick Murphys
2. Jepetto
3. Long Beach Dub All-stars
4. Mary Prankster
5. Little T & One Track Mike
6. Dead 50's
7. Tiger Army
8. Sick of it All
9. i'd like to go to real concerts ;)
10. Almost every frickin hiester's band...

[[09 Things You're Looking Forward To]]

1. Sleeping.
2. Taking more meds.
3. Hopefully blowing things up this week.
4. Graduating.
5. Making something incredible and beautiful.
6. Going to a tropical island.
7. Having my mouth be normal.
8. Getting my hair done tomorrow.
9. Having the summer never can't end..

[[08 Things You Wear Daily]]

1. undies
2. bra
3. hello kitty watch
4. hello kitty necklace
5. shoes of some sort
6. purse
7. my glow in the dark ring
8. my star bracelet

[[07 Things That Annoy You]]

1. People
2. Religion
3. Bugs
4. People who wake you up when you're obviously sleeping!
5. People who argue when they know you're right.
6. When someone changes the subject like nothing happened.
7. How everything always has to be black and white and you can never be in the middle.

[[06 Things You Touch Every Day]]

1. My sheets
2. The shower
3. Toothbrush
4. Couch
5. Car
6. Hair

[[05 Things You Do Every Day]]

1. Sleep
2. Usually work because I'm a slave, but at least I got a raise ;)
3. Be lazy and wonder why nothing gets done.
4. Go out somewhere with Matt.
5. Wish summer vacation didn't involve working.

[[04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time or Hang out With]]

1. Matty
2. Xian
3. Manda
4. Jess

[[03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over]]

1. Office Space
2. Silence of the Lambs
3. Mallrats

[[02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment]]

1. Bjork - Hyperballad...original...
2. Tuuli - Rockstar Boyfriends

[[01 Person you most want to see right now]]

1. The doctor so I cant make him unattatch my mouth ;\
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