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Yesterday was defintely the worst day of work I've ever had.
Not only am I being written up for being $10.00 short, but last night a black man decided to steal $50 for my drawer. He bought a bag of chips with a 50 and kept like exchanging the money with me and confusing me and ended up getting $50. So I told the CC, Missy, and I was crying and stuff. I went up with the manager, Jeff, to the security room to look for the guy on the tapes who apparently walked past my register a couple times first "sizing me up". Then I had to talk to this police officer, but it's not like they're ever going to find him. I feel like such and idiot. I should have been able to follow him and like understand what was going on. I'm so fucking stupid. I don't know what's going to happen now or anything, but I didn't go back on register last night.

I hate people.
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