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Got my finger on the trigger, but you're in the way.

Wow, i got up at 9 this morning. Couldn't sleep. Choked on asprin because my tonsils are so swollen, and it came out my nose. hehe.
i'm actually being productive and burning cds i've been meaning to burn for weeks..dyed my hair last night too which i think turned out alright; it's getting pretty long. oh and i don't think we're taking the ferry(Ms. Ree--don't know your real name, haha) If parking is only $20 at the deal, then it's cheaper for everyone to pitch in.
bah, work today like always. and i have to get my goddamn camera fixed...

PS. -- Manda you could steal a bunch of those free aol for a month cds and just keep changing your screename ;) and is juno still free?
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