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$2 Joint

The show on Friday was good. Especially since it was five dollars. I worked a lot this weekend and I work every day this week. It sucks, but Matt decided not to go back to work so at least I'll get to hang out with him during the day for a couple more days before he goes back to college. I know I'm going to miss him so much it won't even be funny. Kevin, Steph, Jon, Simon, and Matt came over tonight and we played games, smoked, and baked. Pretty fun actually. Matt and I were "pretend fighting" and he grabbed my legs and I fell and hit my head really hard on the floor and computer chair. So now my head's all swollen and I look like a victim of abuse. Nothing else really happened....School's starting soon and I think it'll be OK. I just know that it's a sign of Matt leaving and that kills me.
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