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Well I'm back from vacation.
- I got sun burned, bug bites, cuts.
- Saw Dan Marino, where "O" and "The Patriot" were filmed.
- I missed everyone so much it wasn't even funny.

I don't really get the Ramen journal wars..but whatever. College kids LIVE off of Ramen so fuck your idea of it being for poor people with no motivation or future. And I enjoy Ramen.
I was talking to Jess online last night about how people always say stuff like " Oh we have to smoke together sometimes " and I can count the names of people who said that on my right hand. or " Oh we have to drink together then ". Oh well that stuff just pisses me off.
Everytime I come back from vacation I always say to myself..ya know you should keep the house cleaner and study for school and work on art more and think about college but I never do and I think this year I will. All my relatives ( minus my invalid grandmother who's dying in some institution ) ask about my future and college and stuff and I hate not knowing. So far...Art Direction at Kutztown. Ah but you don't want to hear about that...<3
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