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School's going to start soon. And it's going to suck, just as it has continually sucked every year. The concert was pretty cool on Thursday, got Sugarcult's autographs. I think the best park was being parked in traffic for an hour at midnight. Simple amusements are great. Tara's party was also fun. Maybe someday boys will pick friends over video games? I wish I could have stayed longer, I never see any of those kids anymore. Warped Tour should also prove to be fun. We're taking two vans down with like..14 people. And taking the ferry! Almost 60 bands..all day..I hope it doesn't rain.. And then there's the pig roast at my dad's which is cool because my grandmother is going to be there and I haven't seen her in a while because she's been in rehab/hospital. Not much else to say really..At least life is beginning to get a little exciting..
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