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You know I'm going to pass out tomorrow.

I can't fall asleep...too sick..
Warped Tour was *really* fun. I got pretty close pictures of the eyeliners and their t-shirt and cd and they signed my cd. Which made me really happy since they're the main reason I wanted to go. We got kinda lost on the way down there because Jeremiah & Co. left without us and Matt wouldn't take my directions. We were all hungry and thirsty all day though because everything was a million dollars...Then on the way home the van died right before the exit off 76 to 422 underneath a bridge in the left lane. It just stoppped and wouldn't start. No warning, no nothing. So Matt's freaking out thinking we're going to get rear-ended so Adam and I got out and stood a couple yards behind the car to tell people to move while Ian put it in neutral and we started pushing it out from under the bridge. A cop came, blocked traffic so we could get it across the lanes to the ONLY pull-off on the entire road. They've been doing construction there for as long as I can remember. The cop gave all 7 of us a ride to the movie theater over there because it was the only thing open at what was now 10 at night. Matt's parents came at 11:30, I slept the entire way home, went to Matt's, came home at 1:30 and passed out on my bed. It was pretty awful. All I want is sleep and I can't have it!
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