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Can't Touch This!

I'm home for a little while dad shoots his gun. We visited my grandmother today and she seems ok for what kind of state she's in. I don't think it'll be very much longer til she's gone though.

I was reading people journals and it's great how people go "name-dropping" like 'oh I hung out with the Hanson brothers' or something like that. Like your friends and acquaintances make you who you are. Sobe.

The insurance guy called me today and I need to get this paper signed from Mom and send it back so I can start paying $120 a month! Dad cashed my bonds today so I'm carrying around about $1,500 in cash to pay Spangler for my car which I'm hoping to get Monday. It's be really nice to get it before Tuesday, but no, Mom had to wait like a little bitch and not call the insurance guy. That way I can keep filling her gas tank.

Well it looks like a storm..Finally some rain!..Adioa!
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